Vitamix Costco Kitchen Blenders – The Best Multi-Purpose Food Processor In Town

Vitamix Costco food processors are carefully designed and being manufactured to serve kitchen cooking needs. They are more than that of a blender. They are not like those old fashioned blenders that can be seen earlier. These are much innovative kitchen appliances that performs multiple roles as blender, crusher, as well food processor.

Types available

At present, Vitamix is available in two types: 5000 and 5200. These two have formulated and produced in bulk by Vitamix Costco. Both these blenders serves dual role of being a blender and food processor. They also perform every single function that the old day processing devices used to carry out. The product features a high quality hard plastic container that can process nearly 60 ounces of food ingredients as well 2 liters of fluids at a time. It also comes with vortex with strong hardcore blade at the bottom. This blade can break down hardest of food products like nuts, beans, as well ice cubes. These products come with detailed instruction manual and DVD as well food processing guidebook. These amazing kitchen multi—purpose food processors can be purchased from physical stores as well online. You may crack some nice deals while purchasing them from online stores.


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